Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Betty Anne Waters

Betty Anne Waters,56,a woman of courage,willpower,more than all a sister driven by a bond that goes beyond just the same DNA.betty anne more commonly known for her role potrayed by hillary swank in the movie "conviction",is no ordinary waitress that you meet at your local pub. Ms.Waters, a native of ayer,massachusetts has to her credit,the freedom of an innocent man jailed for a crime he did not commit,yet served term for almost two decades just because there was no DNA testing at the time of his trial and also because the prime witnesses in his case were coerced,into admitting he is the killer of katherina brow by the lead investigator of the case at the time.

Mr.Kenneth Waters,was convicted in the year 1983,for the murder of Katherina Brow in the year 1980.Ms.Brow was found murdered in her trailer home in ayer,massachusetts,not far from Mr.waters home. Ms.Brow suffered 14 stab wounds to the chest,two fatal wounds to the head with half her brain splattered across her bedroom. Mr.Waters was questioned in 1980 on account of being the sole neighbour in the area with a criminal record with a couple barfights and also as he had attended reform school at the age of 10,for breaking into Ms.Brow s trailer,just being upto what a kid his age would. after three years,he was found guilty on all charges as his two key witnesses-his ex-girlfriend,the mother of his daughter, admitted to having heard Mr.Waters talk of the killing and his hatred for Ms.Brow.

Ms.Waters(betty anne),his sister of a year apart,with whom he shared a bond so strong that we all can learn something from,a waitress at the time,put herself through college and law school after kenny had a stint at jail where he tried to end his life.Ms.Waters despite being the only "older woman" in her class at law school or failing tests put herself through the barexam which she passed and became her brothers attorney, when she came across DNA testing which was revolutionising the face of crime at the time.she rakes up evidence of over 16 years after searching every nook and corner of the county evidence dept, manages to hunt down key witnesses of the case from 1983 and proves them unreliable.with the help of Abra Rice,her bestfriend from lawschool and Barry Scheck, an attorney of the "innocence project" she helped exonerate her brother,her bestfriend.

after two decades of heartache,seperation from her husband owing to her streamlined one-way attention to her brothers cause that got the better of her role as a wife,as a mother.Ms.Betty Anne Waters did it after all--her brother Mr.Kenneth Waters came home to a post-20-year-jail-term to starbucks coffee,cellphones,gps in the car and other advantages of living in the 00's in 2001.

and for what--Mr.Kenneth Waters died six months after being exonerated, in a freak accident when he slipped and fell off a wall he was trying to climb as a shortcut in order to get home early.those six months were supposedly the best six months of his life.

Ms.Waters continues to work at the same pub,only shes a general manager now and she continues to help with the "innocence project" and she didnt go on to be a lawyer as she became a lawyer only to help her brother.she has no wish to pursue law.the only other time she entered a courtroom is when the pub she works in had trouble renewing their liquor license.and yes,she won.

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